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Lynn Peril “has tirelessly chronicled and analyzed mid-20th-century examples of what she calls ‘pink think: a set of ideas and attitudes about what constituted proper female behavior … [that are] earnest, kitschy and offensive.’ She started earning street cred in the field with her 1990s ‘zine Mystery Date, which showcased women’s advice books, and then with her long-time ‘Museum of Femorabilia’ column in Bust Magazine. . . . Peril’s true delight in her research comes through in every page. She knows how to mine the humor in the truly horrifying.”

— Paula Kamen, Ms. Magazine Blog

Pink Think college girls steno pool

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Peril Periodicals

January 17, 2013

HiLo Brow

Eartha Kitt: Orson Welles called her "the most exciting woman alive."

Bust Magazine

The Museum of Femorabilia: my column in Bust Magazine. get the latest issue ››

March 19, 2012

All Things Considered

Skirting the Job:
3 Secretaries With Novel Ideas.

April 26, 2011

NY Times op-ed

Do secretaries have a future?